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Special Haircuts for Special Children

Family Hairdresser Catering to all Children

J4K is a family hairdressing salon in Andover, passionate about providing a comfortable experience for all children regardless of who they are.

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Get comfortable before your haircut

It’s always easier visiting somewhere with familiar faces. Get to know the barbers before you visit!

Meet the Team
What matters most

There’s more to a salon than just getting a haircut

  • All children welcome

    Regardless of age, gender or disability, all children are welcome at J4K!

  • Quality haircuts for all

    Our hairdressers are trained in providing the best haircuts for the whole family.

  • Fun while you wait

    Our salon comes with iPads and an arcade table to ease the most nervous children while they wait.

Who we are

Meet our trained professionals who help children enjoy their haircuts

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    Hairdresser & Owner

  • a picture of Shelby at J4k


    Salon Manager

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    Apprentice Hairdresser

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    Salon Assistant


Parent testimonials from our regulars and new clients alike

  • I can’t recommend Sharon and her team enough! This was my 2 year olds first haircut at a hairdressers and they were amazing! Sharon was patient, professional and so kind and caring. I thought this would be a stressful experience and it was just great!! We’ll definitely be going back!

    Vicky Cawley Happy Mum
  • So super proud of my youngest son, from screaming and making himself sick to not even crying, So proud on my other son too, he used to go crazy crying and wouldn't sit still, but J4K is amazing at dealing with kids and calming them down. I wouldn't take them anywhere else!

    Stephen Iangram Proud Father
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The most common questions answered

Frequently asked

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Nope! We understand that not every day is the best day to visit us, so we are here for when your child is ready.

  • When can I come in?

    We are open 9am to 5pm most days, closed on Wednesdays and run reduced hours on Sundays.

  • When is the best time to come?

    The quietest hours are during the day on schooldays.

  • What if my child doesn’t like getting a haircut?

    J4K has been founded with children first in mind. As a family hairdresser, we are trained in dealing with the most nervous and unhappy customers, even if tears get involved! Feel free to bring your child down to the salon before their haircut to get used to the staff and salon, and to ask any questions.

  • What if my child has sensory issues?

    Making sure children with special needs get a comfortable experience is a passion of ours. Because of that, we have a whole page detailing the journey of a haircut, so your child knows exactly what’s happening.

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Want a haircut? Just walk in! Any other questions? Get in touch!

As a childrens barbershop, we operate on a walk-in only basis, so you can pick the best day to visit us. Our address, opening hours and contact information can be found on the contact page.

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